USA Cycling Coach from 1998.

Level 1/Elite 2002-2007.

Coaching services include yearly planning, consultation on as needed basis, adjustments to training for peak races and as progress dictates, instruction in bike handling and race tactics, general recommendations on eating and sleeping habits, and review of position on bike. Communications is done by phone, fax or email (mostly email) when you have questions or are reporting on progress. I will send workout schedules to you monthly and other materials on a periodic basis.


Sean J. Bujold

email if you have questions.

Coaching Services:

Individual plan, adjustments to training for peak races and as progress dictates, with instruction for biking-swimming-running, recommendations on eating and sleeping habits. Lactate Threshold testing (blood samples are taken), Power Zones, Heart Rate Training zones, Power file analysis.


Planning is done on a yearly basis with program sent to you monthly. A thorough review of the current year leads to setting goals for next. You will be given recommendation for workouts through out each month to best achieve your goals. Most workouts will be described using time, power and heart rate zones. Some elements of training are not well suited to heart rate monitors and will be noted.


You will be required to keep a daily log (will provide a sample). There are computer based logs available if you have such resources.


Testing is recommended three to five times a year and may include anaerobic threshold test, hill climb, power test, treadmill, ramp test, etc. Testing is included in monthly coaching fee and done on a Computrainer. Power Tap hub is used for on road testing.


Lactate test w/ Dr. Massimo Testa while visiting California.


The key to training is making the best of what you have. I will give advise to the best of my knowledge, but you must take an active role in preparations. Remember you are final judge on what to do each day. Better to error on side of caution than to overdue. You want to stay fresh, healthy, and excited about training and racing for many weeks and years to come. The schedule is a guide not a commandment.


  • 3 month min, payments are quarterly.
  • $375.00 ($125/month)
  • All riders are encouraged to use power meters.
  • Pay for full year get one month free. (At start up)